The New St Mary's Centre

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A fundraiser event for the new St Mary's Centre - once in a lifetime chocolate experience. Get your tickets here.

Here is the video our volunteers have made. It takes a special sort of person to give up their time, voluntarily and get stuck in to a project that really makes difference to peoples lives. The volunteers at Hackney Migrant Centre, Hackney Winter Night Shelter and Hackney FoodBank have got what it takes and we’re proud of them. We’re determined to create a kitchen that’ll enable their work to flourish - will you help us?


    St Mary's Community Centre N16 Appeal Launched in May 

 * Making sure vital charities don’t get priced out of Church Street.

 * Cash appeal for £250k – less than the price of an N16 studio flat. As business rates and rents in Hackney soar, St Mary's is launching a £250k cash appeal this month to ensure local charities and cultural groups keep a toe-hold in the area. 

The community centre, just behind the church, puts a vital roof over the Hackney Food Bank, Hackney Migrants’ Centre,Hackney Winter Night Shelter, Kehillah North London (Synagogue) as well as groups such as choirs, children's ballet and parties. However, the centre is badly in need of refurbishment and is now struggling to accommodate the needs of all those who would like to make use of it: 

 • Only one dilapidated shower is available for the 25 people who regularly turn up to use the Night Shelter in winter 

• The Migrant Centre often has to turn away those seeking help as it is full to capacity 

 • There is no privacy for those using the medical services of ‘Doctors of the World’ 

 • Lack of space and outdated facilities mean other plans for a much-needed soup kitchen, money advice centre, and an older people’s lunch club may have to be put on hold. 

The Revd. Dilly Baker, Rector of St Mary’s, said: “Church Street is now an iconic destination for those seeking fine food experiences, independent shops and local history but if you step behind our beautiful street into the surrounding area there is hidden poverty, isolation and need. We’re determined that Church Street should be for all. We need to raise £250K in cash which is less than the price of a studio flat in N16. We already enjoy the support of local businesses and its residents but now we’re appealing to everyone to dig deeper and ensure that those who are isolated and in need are still included in our community. ”

St Mary’s N16 has launched its Community Centre appeal on Saturday 20 May with a pop-up food market, generously supported by local charities, projects and businesses. It took place in the grounds of the Victorian Church. (Please view the photos below).

Working together to build the new St Mary's Centre

 Following the hugely successful Food Fayre back in May, we’re now turning our imagination to other ideas for bringing in the remainder of the money needed for the new St Mary’s Centre. Our fundraising team is busy writing letters and connecting with local people beyond the church community and we’ve already had some success in bringing in money from grant giving bodies. But we still need your help! As a church community we are seeking, between us, to bring in £100K. Please can you help?

Here are 5 things that we would ask you to consider; in fact more than consider - might you commit yourself to doing at least 3 of them?

ONE: Do you work for an organisation that ever gives money to charitable causes? If so, might they consider giving to the new Centre? By doing so they’d be helping those who are homeless, those in food poverty, destitute migrants and many others. Would you talk with your employers about how they might help? If you would like some suggested wording to send to the appropriate contact, please get in touch with

TWO: Join the ‘Days Wage’ initiative. If you are in employment, please would you donate a days wage to the new St Mary’s Centre? Our aim is to raise £8k during the month of September through this initiative.

THREE: If you are not in a position to donate a days salary, then might you consider making a donation of your choosing? Any amount, large or small, would be appreciated.

FOUR: What do you enjoy doing? Can you turn it into a ‘Sponsor me’ initiative? Cycling? Swimming? Baking? Spell? Scrabble? Reading out loud on the tube? Theatre production? 24hr sing inside the church? Anything is possible! The only rule is, please don’t approach the St Mary's congregations for sponsorship, but look to your family, friends, school, work colleagues, whoever! 

FIVE: Cream Teas outside St Mary’s during the month of August. Are you up for making this happen - either through baking scones, providing jam/cream,helping to serve on the day? If you can get involved in this please let Tamar know asap. She can be contacted through the St Mary’s office.

We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to give to the new St Mary’s Centre:

* Go to our BT MyDonate page on the St Mary’s Church website, or

* Write a cheque to St Mary’s PCC (on the back write, ‘St Mary’s Centre’),or

* Cash in an envelope, clearly stating its purpose & hand to Tamar in the office.

If you would like to help, could you please fill out the form and return it to Tamar by July 20th, 2017 either by post or by email at 

Please keep your ideas flowing and thank you for your enthusiasm!

James, Peter and Chris have raised money for the new St Mary's Centre by cycling from London to Paris in 24 hours. Thank you!

Please take a look at our brochure for more detailed information.

Huge thank you to everyone for the wonderful weekend of the Pop-up Food Market (May 20th/21st). 

Please take a look at some of the photos of the launch event below: