St Mary's Church - Stoke Newington, N16


Suspension of Sunday Services

During this time of the coronavirus we have been advised to suspend public acts of worship. Whilst our church buildings are closed we are attempting to 'gather' each Sunday, 10.30am via Zoom. If you would like to join us please download the app: and email the administrator for the link: [email protected]

It may be that you have found your way to this website because you are looking for some spiritual resources to help you during this present pandemic. If you are looking specifically for Christian resources these are available under 'services'.  If however you would value spiritual resources but you are not necessarily wanting specifically Christian resource, then take a look here. And if you should remember, please send feedback as this will help us as we regularly add to this resource.

If you are isolated and feeling that you need to talk to someone then please ring on 020 7254 6072.  A good number of people have volunteered to help deliver food or talk on the phone with anyone who needs reassurance so please don’t hesitate to make contact and we will make sure that you are supported as best we can.

Let us pray for one another and especially for those who are struggling with little food and some with no shelter. The Foodbank is continuing during this time. If you know somebody who needs to be referred you can ring me on the office number: 02072546072.

Please do ring me if you have any particular concerns.

With love and prayers,


And finally here’s something lighter to muse on -  an extract from an email sent to me recently:

Thoughts from a quiet corner of the parish

‘I wonder if we will be having Easter some time in the autumn. If so, I wonder if we can regard this crisis as an extended Lent, and be allowed to celebrate as soon as it is over. I dare say there will be no stopping us.

I can't help wondering, though, if something like this happened to our cousins, the Orang-Utan, who are extremely solitary creatures. They only meet to mate, apparently, but they must communicate somehow. Are we going to learn telepathy? Let's hope the internet doesn't break quite yet.

Sometime soon, my neighbour out the back and I are going to test out singing across our back gardens. Our Hasidic neighbours have the edge on us there, I'm afraid.’