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Both the Old Church and the New Church (the bigger church building) are licensed for weddings, and either may provide a wonderful setting.

Arrangements are made through the parish office (or call 020 7254 6072).

In order to be married at St Mary's one of the couple must have lived in the parish or attended church regularly for six months, be on our Electoral Roll, or have a qualification through family or confirmation/baptism at St. Mary’s. If you are unsure then please ask us about this.


Having your banns read out during a service at St Mary's costs £28. If one of you lives in another parish you will have to arrange for your banns read in that parish church also, collect a certificate to say they have been read, and bring it to us at St Mary's. There is a legal fee of £41 payable to the other church for this.

Wedding costs

The fees for weddings are not set by parish churches but by Parliament. They usually increase annually on 1st January. Fees for 2017:

Wedding Service £424
Marriage Certificate £4
Organist's Fee* £220
Verger's fee £25
Clerk's Fee £10
Heating, Lighting and Maintenance £45
Flowers (Not included in The Old Church) £30
Total payable to "St Mary's PCC" (including banns) £786

*The organist’s fee includes the cost of video photographic and sound recording. If no recording(s) are made on the day of the wedding, a refund of £100 may be made.

Making a booking

A refundable deposit of £150 is required to confirm a wedding booking. This will be refunded by cheque up to a month after the wedding, provided it does not run over the hour from its agreed starting time. 

The full fee is payable a month before the service. We require a full address and contact number of whoever pays at the time of booking. A reminder or call will be sent out a month or so prior to the wedding and a further reminder two weeks later if not received before then. 

There are some special cases where a marriage needs to be authorised by a common licence instead of banns. Speak to us about this.The licence costs £165.

Your Church Wedding
To find out more about marrying in a Church of England church, the wedding service itself and other ideas and inspiration please visit here.