Giving To St Mary's

Did you know that the work of St Mary's and the upkeep of the buildings is primarily funded by individual donations?

If you would like to regularly support St Mary's financially then please consider the following methods:

A monthly standing order is by far the best way of donating money to the church.

  • It is easy to administer.
  • It helps us to plan our budget as we know how much money will be coming in.
  • If you are a tax payer St Mary’s can claim a further 25% tax refund, making your gift worth even more. Here is the Gift Aid form you need to fill out, sign and post it to us (Please note this form cannot be scanned as we will need an original signature).
  • And don’t worry, if your circumstances change you can cancel your standing order at any time or reduce the amount you give.

Weekly envelopes.  This is our second preferred option of giving.

  • Put a contribution in an envelope every week, whether or not you are present in church.
  • Again, if you are a tax payer we can claim the tax refund bonus.

Gift Aid envelope every time you come to church.  This is helpful but not the best!

  • We do get the benefit of the tax refund but not of the regular income.
  • Administratively it is hard work: the giver has to fill in the envelope each week while the treasurer has to record all details and retain the envelopes for tax inspection purposes.

For more information or to begin regular giving please contact the church office here or call 020 7254 6072.


Or, to make a secure online donation, please click here.