An Inclusive Church

We are an Inclusive Church, rooted in the Anglican tradition. Together we seek to encourage faith, explore spirituality, build community, bring joy, and make the world a better place.

Why not join us? Sign up to our mailing list here or come along to a service! 

9.30am service in the Old (small) Church - an informal service, especially good for children.

11.15am Parish Eucharist in the New (big) Church. This service is live-streamed each week and can be viewed online here.
Refreshments served after both services.

12pm Eucharist in the New (big) Church - in the little chapel. 

8.15 - 9.15pm Meditation Group in St Mary's Centre (behind the big church). 

All are welcome at any of the above gatherings. 

Image by Sam Ellis, used with permission

Meet Our Team

For general enquiries please contact The Parish Office at 020 7254 6072 or
[email protected]

Revd Dilly Baker


Prakash Thankachan

Associate Vicar

Lizzie Campbell


Katie Smith


Andrew McCully


Sara Cottingham

Safeguarding Officer

Sara Cottingham

Lay Minister

Judith Simpson

Lay Minister

Neil Georgeson

Director of Music

Nicholas Jenkins

Assistant Director of Music

Anne Taylor

Centre Administrator

Vicky Robinson

Church Administrator

Our Three Year Mission Action Plan (2022-2025)

1. Walk humbly with God

There are two hundred Christians who gather regularly at St Mary's; each one has a unique vocation and each one needs the space and resources to deepen their relationship with God and know themselves to be loved unconditionally. Taking the image of being fed by Christ at the communion table, we want to explore in more depth how this 'food of life' nourishes us in our daily discipline.


2. Love Tenderly

We believe that a church where people talk and listen without judging, and where they relate well to one another, is a church that will be well-equipped to fight the negative social trends in Stoke Newington of greater division by income, age and ethnicity. We want to grow the church diversely. No one should leave St Mary's feeling unwelcome. Bread, at the heart of our worship, symbolises our desire to feed, nurture and sustain one another along the journey. We keep an 'open table' recognising that all who step over the threshold are welcome at the feast and welcome to participate in the life of St Mary's. We also want to laugh together. 

3. Do Justly

With a sense of personal calling and fed by the relationships in the church, we want to learn from and work with partners in the wider community. We recognise that the bread we break in the sanctuary needs to be broken again and again beyond the church, until all are fed. For the next three years we want to maximise all those partnerships where church members work hand in hand with those outside the church, so that together we extend and deepen our contribution to social justice in N16 and the world beyond. 


Giving to St Mary's

Did you know that the work of St Mary's and the upkeep of the buildings is primarily funded by individual donations?

If you would like to regularly support St Mary's financially then please consider the following methods:

A monthly standing order is by far the best way of donating money to the church.

  • It is easy to administer & helps us to plan our budget as we know how much money will be coming in.
  • If you are a tax payer St Mary’s can claim a further 25% tax refund, making your gift worth even more. Here is the Gift Aid form you need to fill out, sign and post it to us (Please note this form cannot be scanned as we will need an original signature).
  • And don’t worry, if your circumstances change you can cancel your standing order at any time or reduce the amount you give.

Weekly envelopes.  This is our second preferred option of giving.

  • Put a contribution in an envelope every week, whether or not you are present in church.
  • Again, if you are a tax payer we can claim the tax refund bonus.

Gift Aid envelope every time you come to church.  This is helpful but not the best!

  • We do get the benefit of the tax refund but not of the regular income.
  • Administratively it is hard work: the giver has to fill in the envelope each week while the treasurer has to record all details and retain the envelopes for tax inspection purposes.

For more information or to begin regular giving please contact the church office by emailing [email protected] or calling 020 7254 6072.

Our Environmental Policy

St Mary’s PCC acknowledges the connection between our climate and other
environmental crises and the threat of current and potential future homelessness,
disease, destruction of biodiversity, food and water shortages and poverty for millions of
people around the world. 

Therefore St Mary’s PCC recognises its responsibility to
respond to the climate emergency, reduce its carbon and environmental footprints and
formally commits itself to being an environmentally responsible charity.

Take a look at our Climate Emergency Policy.