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The Old Church is an arts and performance space based in St Mary's Old Church (across the road from the big church building). The Old Church offers a unique approach to building community through The Arts. Celebrating the rich heritage of the building it inhabits, The Old Church strives to encourage mutual enjoyment of the arts, enable creativity for all, share the diversity of local cultures and challenge perceptions.


Fair Trade. We are a Fair Trade church and have committed ourselves, as far as possible, to buying both our refreshments and our material resources from fair trade suppliers. In addition, we regularly run a Traidcraft stall after our two main services.


TELCO. We are a member of The East London Communities Organisation (TELCO) – a broad-based campaigning organisation, part of Citizens UK, which targets issues of common concern for the people of East London.


The Hackney Migrant Centre. This organisation meets on a weekly basis at St Mary’s offering advice and support to those who are from outside the EU. A number of our church members are involved in supporting this work on a voluntary basis.


North London Progressive Jewish Community. This faith group meets at our premises on a regular basis. It is an intergenerational, diverse community that is welcoming to all who want to experience Judaism in a range of different ways whether secular, religious, historical, cultural, or for Jewish identity.

St Mary's Church of England Primary School is an inspiring and creative school which fosters a love of learning as well as developing skills for life. It strives to enhance every child's moral, spiritual, intellectual, social and physical well-being and celebrate every child's gifts. As a faith school it holds love at the centre of all it does. This and respect, courage, truth and hope reflect the ethos of the school.
 "Through God's love, we strive to be the best we can be."

 almalogo Through the ALMA organisation, which links Anglican churches in Angola and Mozambique with the Diocese of London, St Mary's is connected with our brothers and sisters of the Church of the Epifania in Tete, Mozambique. St Mary's has named the lady chapel the Epiphany Chapel in honour of our link. We have helped to financially support the Church of the Epifania and most recently a delegation from St Mary's travelled to Tete to celebrate the dedication of their new church building.
foodbank-logo-hackney-logo  Hackney is the second most deprived borough in England and The Hackney Foodbank is an essential resource giving a minimum of three days of emergency food and support to local people in crisis. We host the Foodbank at St Mary's every Thursday and it is partly staffed with volunteers from our congregations.