Wool Against Weapons - Part II

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This time last year the Pink Peace Scarf knitting project - officially known as Wool Against Weapons - had begun. By 9th August our community had produced 120 sections to join, with hundreds of others from across the nation, at Aldermaston to complete the 7 miles Pink Peace Scarf linking the Trident warhead production sites Burghfield with Aldermaston. 

In the spirit of spreading hope we have re-formed the scarf pieces into baby blankets. Acting in partnership with the charity, Rescue4Children, these pink blankets will be sent for the refugee babies of displaced families in Kurdistan-Iraq. It has taken three months, countless hours of stitching and crocheting and 12 individuals – all women – to achieve two shawls for wrapping mother and new baby, a poncho, two large blankets and 31 baby blankets.

The honour role of blanket creators: Betty Manning, Laura Dove, Dorothy Anderson, Mary Wallen (visiting from Derbyshire), Elizabeth Grande, Millie Fitzgerald, Eve Adams, Morlean Jaysundra, Julie Farley, Penny Macgeoch, Karen Swift, Sarah Wall.

It has been a great privilege to work with these wonderful people. On behalf of all who seek peace I take this opportunity to thank them for their part in working for peace.

Sherry White