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  1. The result of the EU referendum is already creating waves of shapes and sizes we couldn’t have imagined. And of course it has stimulated strong emotions in many people, whichever way they voted. 

    St Mary’s church, opp. Clissold park, is offering two ways to help.  Perhaps there is a need to

    - acknowledge our feelings

    - recognise our hopes

    - commit ourselves to moving forward for the common good

    Privately.  If you want a place to reflect a little, the Epiphany chapel (side chapel) in the big church has been set aside for just this purpose. It is open from 9am to 5pm every day.

    Together.  If you would like to gather with others, come to The Old Church across the road, Sunday 3rd July, 4 - 5pm.  We will create a space together where can do all those things whilst also listening to each other.


    Stoke Newington resident Emma Heseltine says

    ‘Many of you will be feeling deeply worried about the less-than-peaceful atmosphere at the moment.

    I am very worried about the potential dangers of the lack of organisation for people to express themselves, with individuals starting Facebook events clocking up over 100,000 people wanting to attend, but no sign that there is any organisation to it. Add the possibility of counter-protests by EDL and Britain First, and the lack of an "official" event could be awful. I have started this petition for the Mayor's Office to enable a safe mass rally in London. I would be very grateful if you could sign, and share widely on Facebook, email and twitter.


    Let’s work to find a peaceful and just way forward.

    Liz Watson